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     Welcome to the GURPS Aerodrome, an unofficial* collection of biplanes (and a few other assorted vehicles) designed just for the fun of it.

     I have been a rabid GM and player of GURPS since the mid-1980s.  Taking full advantage of the G-U aspect of the system, I have run campaigns tapping into fantasy, science-fiction/space (based on a certain six-movie space opera), cliffhangers (based on a certain guy with a fedora), WWII, modern-day espionage (based on a different certain guy who enjoys his martinis shaken, not stirred), auto dueling, and low-TL techno-magery. Frequently, I have been stymied by characters who jump into or shoot at a vehicle and then. . .well, I don't know! How is that vehicle represented in GURPS terms?

     Many vehicles of the Second World War have been covered in great detail by the official sourcebooks and unofficially by many others. Ergo, I have elected to settle into the niche of biplanes (with a nod to modern-day helicopters).  I design them more because I enjoy the research and the learning process rather than against the odds that they will (probably never) be used in a campaign of mine.  So, if you have a craving, I might just honor requests if given enough time (a fortnight or two).  Regrettably, however, my knowledge extends only to GURPS 3e (and I prefer it that way), so 4e customers will have to look elsewhere.

     I am happy to freely (and for free) share my designs with GURPS players everywhere, but would request as a kindness to the author/designer (that's me), that any reproduction of these designs, in whole or in part, refer to myself or this website as the source.

     So, without further ado, wander the Aerodrome and enjoy!

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*The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. 

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