Berliner-Joyce OJ-2

Designed in 1930 to meet a USN requirement for an observation biplane, the OJ-2 had a very brief two-year service record from 1933-1935. The plane was able to be catapult launched, and some planes were fitted with a center-line fuselage float and two wing floats in place of wheeled landing gear. The forward MG was fitted to the upper starboard wing, while the observer had a trainable MG. Ordnance was carried on three hardpoints under the wings and fuselage. Some planes were used as late as 1940 in the Naval Reserves. A total of 39 planes were received by the USN.


Subassemblies: Recon Fighter chassis +2; Recon Fighter wings with Biplane option +2 and 3 fixed wheels +0, OR 1 Medium Weapon pod [Body:U] +1 and 2 Mini Weapon pods [Wings:U] +0.

Powertrain: 298-kW Aerial HP gasoline engine with 298-kW old prop and 180-gallon fuel tank [Body]; 4,000-kW battery.

Occ.: 2 XCS Body

Cargo: 0 Body


Armor F RL B T U

Body: 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C

Wings: 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C

Wheels: 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3



Aircraft LMG/7.62mm Browning LMG [Wing:F] (500 rounds).

Aircraft LMG/7.62mm Browning LMG [Body:B] (500 rounds).



Body: Casemate mount, three hardpoints totaling 500 lbs [Body and Wings].



Size: 26'x34'x11' Payload: 0.69 tons Lwt.: 1.86 tons

Volume: 96 Maint.: 81 hours Cost: $6,116

HT: 6. HPs: 15 Body, 50 each Wing, 2 each Wheel.

aSpeed: 154 aAccel: 4 aDecel: 10 aMR: 2.5 aSR: 1

Stall Speed: 38 mph. Take Off Run: 250 yards. Catapult Launch: 210 yards. Landing Run: 250 yards.

+2 aSpeed per empty hardpoint.

gSpeed: 203 gAccel: 10 gDecel: 10 gMR: 0.5 gSR: 2

Ground Pressure: Very High. 1/8 Off-Road Speed.

Or as a floatplane:

wSpeed: 30 wAccel: 4 wDecel: 5 (7) wMR: 0.25 wSR: 3

Draft: 0.9 feet. Flotation Rating: 5,045 lbs.


Design Notes:

Historical wing area was 284 sf. Design loaded weight was 3,757 lbs.; it was increased 1% to the historical. Design aSpeed was 154 mph with loaded hardpoints. Historical values were used for all calculations when available. Fuel capacity was based on a rough calculation between range (530 miles) at cruising speed and design fuel consumption. MG load-outs are a guess. Adding floats to the design (one Medium Weapon pod and two Mini Weapon pods) increases design weight by 866 lbs.; wSpeed is 60% of stall speed, requiring calm waters and a slight tailwind to get airborne.



The XOJ-1 prototype featured a 224-kW engine.

The XOJ-3 had a cockpit canopy. It crashed in March 1934 and was rebuilt as a standard OJ-2.


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