Bell 407 Helicopter

This is a commercially available light duty helicopter first produced in 1996. It was designed to replace and improve upon the Bell 206 LongRanger. It can be configured for commercial executive use, EMS, police use, and military roles. In its standard form, the helicopter has a flight deck with two crew stations, and an aft cabin with two roomy seats facing to the rear and a bench-style seat for three facing forward. It can carry a maximum of 250 lbs. of baggage.

The helicopter burns 31.5 gallons of jet fuel per hour of routine usage. A full tank of fuel costs $384.


Subassemblies: Body +4, Top-and-tail rotor +0, two fixed Skids +0.

Powertrain: 525-kW Improved gas turbine; 525-kW Improved TTR drivetrain, 2,300-kWs advanced battery.

Fuel: 128 gallons jet fuel (Fire 13) in light self-sealing tank [Body] (fire +0).

Occupancy: 2 NCS, 3 NPS, 2 RPS.

Cargo: 250 lbs. [Body].


Armor F RL B T U

All: 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4



Body: Civilian Helicopter Package (autopilot, GPS, long-range radio (300 miles), navigation instruments, 1-mile searchlight, transponder), 7-man environmental control.



Size: 41'x7'x11' Payload: 1.2 tons Lwt.: 2.6 tons

Volume: 315 cf Maint.: 18 hours Price: $3,400,000


HT: 12. HPs: 209 Body, 92 Rotors, 14 each Skid.


aSpeed: 161 aAccel: 3 aDecel: 18 aMR: 4.5 aSR: 2

Stall speed 0.


Design Notes:

Body is 315 cf; rotor is 6.3 cf; skids are 15.75 cf. Structure is light, expensive with fair streamlining. Armor is standard composite. Mechanical controls. Fuel tank is light, seal-sealing. Empty weight is 2,886 lbs. Asking price for a 2007 model was $3,400,000.



An executive luxury interior alternates seating to four roomy passenger seats with a fifth cramped fold-away seat.

In an EMS role, it can accommodate one stretcher patient and medical attendants.

The law enforcement version features bubble windows, searchlight, and a FLIR surveillance system.

The military version is intended to replace the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. It will be armed with Hellfire missiles, 2.75" Rockets, and a Gatling gun. The military has ordered 368 Bell 407s to be received by 2013 and designated as the ARH-70 armed reconnaissance helicopter.

After 2007, the helicopter will feature a 690-kW engine.


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