Sikorsky H-5 Dragon Fly

The R-5 (later re-designated the H-5) was developed to improved upon the load, endurance and speed of the R-4 Hoverfly (p. W:MP109). It featured a longer fuselage with tandem seating. It was delivered to the U.S. Army in 1945. It could carry two stretchers externally on racks, be outfitted with a 50-gallon external auxiliary tank for greater range, or carry a third crewmember and a rescue hoist. Although too late for WWII, the H-5 saw extensive use in Korea as a rescue helicopter for UN pilots shot down behind enemy lines. It was eventually replaced by the H-19 Chickasaw. A civilian version, the S-51, was outfitted with seating for four.

The H-5 burns 16.75 gallons of aviation fuel per hour of routine usage. A full load of fuel costs $20.


Subassemblies: Large Helicopter chassis +3; Rotor -1, three fixed wheels +0.

Powertrain: 335-kW aerial Turbocharged HP gasoline engine with 335-kW Helicopter transmission and 100-gallon self-sealing fuel tank [Body], 4,000-kWs battery.

Occ.: 3 CS Body

Cargo: 0 Body.


Armor F RL B T U

Body: 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3

Rotor: 3/10 3/10 3/10 3/10 3/10

Wheels: 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5



Body: Medium radio transmitter and receiver, navigation instruments.



Size: 41'x12'x13' Payload: 0.73 tons Lwt.: 2.4 tons

Volume: 184 Maint.: 54 hours Cost: $13,905

HT: 12. HPs: 210 Body, 60 Rotor, 7 each Wheel.

aSpeed: 107 aAccel: 2 aDecel: 9 aMR: 2.25 aSR: 1

Stall Speed: 0 mph.


Design Notes:

Design weight was increased 3% to historical weight. Design aSpeed was 142 mph. The chassis is 0.36 VSPs too small; this was hand-waved as negligible. Historical cost per unit was $91,977.



The R-5A was the initial production model, carrying two litters. 34 built. The -B and -C were modifications to the -A that were never constructed.

The R-5D were 20 modified -As that added the rescue hoist.

The R-5E were 5 -As modified with dual controls.

The R-5F were 11 S-51s purchased in 1947. 88 built for the USN and designated the H03S-1.

The H-5G was a four seat version with rescue equipment. 39 built.

The H-5H were -Gs with updated equipment. 4 built.


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