Sikorsky S-76C++ Helicopter

In an attempt to mimic the success of the Bell JetRanger series of helicopters, Sikorsky designed their own, slightly larger version in 1977. Because of its large cabin, it is a popular helicopter with offshore oil industry support, military and paramilitary organizations, and police and law enforcement agencies. The S-76 is modified for these tasks by Sikorsky, as well as other third parties such as Bristow Helicopters and Heli Union.

In a military role, the S-76 is used by the Philippines, Chile, Dubai, Guatamala, Honduras, Iraq, Jordan and Spain.

The helicopter burns 92.4 gallons of jet fuel per hour of routine usage. A full tank of fuel costs $816.


Subassemblies: Body +4, Top-and-tail rotor +1, three retractable Small Wheels +0.

Powertrain: Two 770-kW Improved gas turbines; 1,540-kW Improved TTR drivetrain, 2,300-kWs advanced battery.

Fuel: 272 gallons jet fuel (Fire 13) in light self-sealing tank [Body] (fire +0).

Occupancy: 1 NCS, 12 NPS.

Cargo: 38 cf (760 lbs.) [Body].


Armor F RL B T U

All: 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5



Body: Civilian Helicopter Package (autopilot, GPS, long-range radio (300 miles), navigation instruments, 1-mile searchlight, transponder), 13-man environmental control.



Size: 41'x7'x11' Payload: 2.9 tons Lwt.: 5.85 tons

Volume: 610 cf Maint.: 13 hours Price: $7,700,000


HT: 11. HPs: 324 Body, 143 Rotors, 30 each Wheel.


aSpeed: 178 aAccel: 4 aDecel: 12 aMR: 3 aSR: 2

Stall speed 0.


Design Notes:

Body is 610 cf; rotor is 12.2 cf; skids are 30.5 cf. Structure is light, expensive with fair streamlining. Armor is standard composite. Mechanical controls. Fuel tank is light, seal-sealing. Empty weight is 5,610 lbs. Asking price for a 2001 model was $7,700,000. Although described as "very streamlined," Good streamlining produces an aSpeed (325 mph) much higher than the real-world value. Design aSpeed is 264; this drops to 187 using only one engine (which is very close to the historical maximum cruising speed).



The S-76A (1979) was the baseline variant. 284 built.

The S-76 Mk II and S-76 Utility (1982) were similar to the -A.

The S-76A+ had re-engined powerplants.

The S-76B (1984) featured slightly different engines. 101 built.

The S-76C (1990) featured new engines. 43 built.

The S-76C+ (2001) has slightly less powerful engines.

The H-76 Eagle is the military version based on the S-76B.

The S-76D is scheduled for release in 2008.


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