Hot Air Balloon (TL7)

A typical modern-day hot air balloon found across the country in fairs, festivals, and with private companies offering rides. The gasbag is made of ripstop nylon or Dacron, with a flame retardant mouth area; the basket is most often made of wicker or rattan. Lift is provided by a 30 million BTU propane burner. It can carry 5 people comfortably.


Subassemblies: Gasbag Envelope +8, Body +3

Powertrain: 100,000 cf of hot gas generating 1,667 lbs. of lift, 60 gallons propane in three 20-gallon standard fuel tanks.

Occupancy: 5 XSPS

Cargo: 0 cf.


Armor: 1/1 Non-rigid for Body

0/0 for Gasbag Envelope



Size: 48'x48'x60' Payload: 750 lbs. Lwt.: 0.8 tons

Volume: 100,160 cf. Maint.: 387 hours Price: $2,668


HT: 7. HPs: 27 Body, 129 Gasbag Envelope.


aSpeed: 0 aAccel: 0 aDecel: 0.5 gMR: 0.125 gSR: 4

Stall Speed: 0.


Design Notes:

The Body has a Super Light Frame with Cheap materials. Armor is Non-Rigid. Passenger positions are Exposed Standard Standing room. A new balloon costs $12,000 to $20,000.



The gasbag can be made into a variety of shapes and characters. Some balloons have folding aluminum passenger baskets.


From the Aerodrome for GURPS

2008 by Jim Antonicic