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Lockheed-Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

     In 1972 the USAF began looking for a lightweight, versatile fighter as a substitute for the F-15 Eagle.  The design program was supposed to allow the manufacturers to showcase their technologies, but was not intended to result in anything more than a conceptual prototype.  General Dynamics (now Lockheed-Martin) fielded the XF-16.  The jets superior dogfighting abilities, coupled with it low cost, made it instantly popular, and earned it the nickname "Viper."  The F-16A and F-16B (one- and two-seat versions, respectively), became operational in 1979 with the USAF, and the plane is license-built in Belgium and Holland.

     F-16Cs and -Ds (upgraded versions of -As and -Bs, respectively) were deployed in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm, and flew more sorties than any other aircraft.

     The F-16 burns 869 gallons of jet fuel per hour at routine usage.  A full load of fuel (internal capacity only) costs $3,150.  A full load of Vulcan 20mm ammo costs $1,226.  Other ordnance varies by mission parameter.


F-16C Fighting Falcon Block 50/52

Subassemblies:  Body +4, high-agility Wings +3, three small Wheels +0.

Powertrain:  28,964-lb. thrust Turbofan with Afterburner, 2,300-kWs advanced battery.

Fuel:  1,050 gallons jet fuel (fire 13) in light self-sealing tank [Body] (fire +0).

Occupancy:  1 NCS.

Cargo:  20,450 lbs. ordnance [Body and Wings:U].


Armor:  3/7 overall.



Body:  Long-range radio with scrambler; night vision light amplification; autopilot; military GPS; IFF; inertial navigation system; terrain-following radar; thermograph (FLIR); HUDWAC; advanced radar detector, basic stealth, deceptive jammer; decoy (chaff) discharger (6 reloads); refueling probe, arrestor hook, improved brakes, 2,200-lb. hardpoint.  Wings:  two 4,500-lb., two 3,500-lb., two 700-lb. and two 425-lb. hardpoints.



20mm autocannon/Vulcan M61A1 [Body:F] (511 rounds).

Weapons payload can include:

     Mk 20 Rockeye cluster bombs

     CBU-87 cluster bombs

     Mk 83 500-lb. bombs

     Mk 84 1,000-lb. bombs

     AGM-65 Maverick missiles

     GBU-10 and GBU-15 guided weapons



Size:  49'x32'x16'      Payload