Sturmpanzerwagen A7V "Monster"

With the appearance of British tanks in 1916, Germany rapidly developed the A7V, a behemoth of an armored box sprouting guns. Of the 100 ordered, only 21 were ever built. With a ground clearance of a mere 1 inches, the tank was nearly useless for cross-country duty, and was so slow it could be easily outrun by the infantryman it was designed to support. It was, however, one the first tanks in history to engage in tank-to-tank combat: on April 24th, 1918, three A7V encountered three British Mk IVs; one of the A7V was knocked out, and one of the Mk IVs withdrew after suffering damage.

The A7V housed 18 crewmembers: commander, driver, mechanic, mechanic/signaler, six machine gunners with loaders, and one artilleryman with loader. The driver and commander were able to look out from a cupola mounted on the top of the tank, but were hampered by a large blind spot ten yards in front of the tank.

The A7V burns 6.7 gallons of petrol per hour at routine usage. Historical range was 25 miles. A full load of fuel and ammo costs $1,820.


Subassemblies: Immense Tank chassis +4; Large Weapon turret [Body:T] +2; two tracks +4.

Powertrain: Two 74.6-kW gas engines with 149.2-kW tracked drive train and 132-gallon standard fuel tank.

Occ.: 18 CS Body

Cargo: 0


Armor F RL B T U

Hull: 4/85 4/55 4/55 4/55 4/55

Tracks: 4/55 4/55 4/55 4/55 4/55



57mm Medium Tank Gun/5.7cm Cockerill-Nordenfelt (180 rounds HE).

6xGround LMG/7.9mm MG08/15 [Body:R,L,B] (250 rounds each).



Body: Semaphore.



Size: 24'x10'x11' Payload: 3.36 tons Lwt.: 36.9 tons

Volume: 192 Maint.: 47 hours Cost: $18,347

HT: 12. HPs: 3,900 Body, 120 Turret, 900 each Track

gSpeed: 8 gAccel: 1.5 gDecel: 20 gMR: 0.25 gSR: 6

Ground Pressure Low. 2/3 Off-Road Speed.


Design Notes:

Chassis weight, cost and HPs was increased by 50%; the design still needed to be increased 4% to the historical. Design gSpeed was 20 mph; it was lowered to the historical. Armor is riveted; historical thickness was 20mm on all aspects but the front, which was 30mm. Design DR was determined by using cheap armor at 70 DR per inch as discussed on p. W142.



The Uberlandwagen was designed to be an unarmored version of the A7V, to be used as a supply carrier. Thirty chassis were produced, but no working vehicles.

The "female" version of the A7V exchanged the 57mm gun for two more machine guns.


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