Aston Martin DB9

The DB9 is the modern version of the DB5, made famous by its appearance in the James Bond film "Goldfinger." It is a luxury sports car, with leather and wood paneling interior, heated seats, heated rear window, automatic temperature control, cruise control, satellite navigation system, Bluetooth hookup, satellite radio, CD autochanger, and MP3 player.

The Aston Martin DB9 uses 12.15 gallons of gasoline per hour at routine usage.


Subassemblies: Body with Good Streamlining +3, 4 wheels +0.

Powertrain: 350-kW improved wheeled drivetrain with 350-kW improved standard gasoline engine, 2,000-kWs lead acid battery.

Fuel: 21.1 gallons gasoline (Fire 11).

Occupancy: 1 NCS, 1 NPS, 2 CPS

Cargo: 6.1 cf.


Armor F RL B T U

All: 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5



Body: Receive-only radio; sound system; airbags (NCS and NPS); 4-man environmental control, burglar alarm, GPS.



Size: 15.5'x6.2'x4.2' Payload: 0.52 tons Lwt.: 2.46 tons

Volume: 341 cf. Maint.: 85 hours Price: $55,894


HT: 12. HPs: 206 Body, 44 each Wheel.


gSpeed: 190 gAccel: 13 gDecel: 15 gMR: 0.5 gSR: 4

Ground Pressure High. 1/6 Off-Road speed.


Design Notes:

Body is 310.5 cf; wheels are 31 cf. Structure is Light, Standard with Good Streamlining. It has improved brakes. Armor is cheap metal. Mechanical controls. Design empty weight is 4,116 lbs.; this was reduced 6% to the actual value of 3,880 lbs. Design gSpeed was 168 mph; gAccel was 9.5. Both were increased to the actual values of 190 mph and 13 mph/s, respectively. List price for a 2008 model is $163,900.



The car comes as a two-door coupe or a convertible (called the Volante).

The Aston Martine DB4 was produced from 1958-1963.

The DB5 (made famous by James Bond) was produced from 1963-1965.

The DB6 was manufactured from 1965-1969.

The DB7 was manufactured from 1994-1999.


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