Carver 56 Voyager SE Yacht

The Carver 56 is a small but luxurious yacht. It features 3 staterooms: a master suite and VIP suite with ensuite showers, and a guest stateroom that has a settee that can be converted to a bunk. The yacht sleeps 6-8 persons total. Cabin headroom is 7'. The galley has a coffee pot, microwave, oven and range, fridge/freezer, and a twin basin sink. The salon offers a 32" LCD TV and sound system. Additional options include LCD TVs for the staterooms, a CD stereo system, and a wet bar in the bridge area.

The trim is finished in cherry wood. There are CO detectors in the staterooms. The aft boarding platform comes equipped with a ladder.

The ship is controlled from a pilothouse on the top deck with a helm seat as well as room for guests to sit and socialize with the driver.

The Carver 56 burns 37.3 gallons of diesel fuel per hour of routine usage. A full load of fuel costs $960.


Subassemblies: Body +5 with Mediocre lines.

Powertrain: Two 533-kW marine diesel engines with two 533-kW light screw propellers, 12,000-kWs lead acid batteries.

Fuel: 800 gallons diesel fuel (Fire 9).

Occupancy: 1 NCS with 4 RPS in bridge and see above.

Cargo: 7,770 lbs.



All: 3/15



Body: Long range radio, non-targeting radar, sound system, navigation instruments, GPS, searchlight, 6-man environmental control, 200-gallon fresh water tank, 100-gallon holding tank, small computer, full fire suppression system, and extra bridge access space.



Size: 60'x15'x19' Payload: 3.85 tons Lwt.: 26.25 tons

Volume: 2,760 cf. Maint.: 14 hours Price: $800,000


HT: 12. HPs: 3540 Body


wSpeed: 33 wAccel: 5 wDecel: 2 (4.5) wMR: 0.1 wSR: 5

Draft: 4.75 feet. Flotation Rating: 78.66 tons.


Design Notes:

Body is 2,760 cf. Structure is Heavy, Standard, and Waterproofed with Mediocre lines. Armor is standard metal. Mechanical controls. Design loaded weight is 49,910 lbs.; this was increased 5% to the actual value. Design draft was only 2.7 feet, and wSpeed 21 mph; both were increased to the real-world figures. Maintenance interval was calculated from the design cost of $207,656.



The ship can be fitted with 373-kW or 429-kW engines or a smaller 15.5-kW generator. Other minor electronics upgrades are available.


From the Aerodrome for GURPS

2008 by Jim Antonicic