Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is a four-door hatchback passenger car sold mainly in Europe and South Africa. It has a manual transmission, and is a common rental car. The Polo seats four people (two in the front, two in back). The two rear seats can fold down to increase cargo capacity to 36 cf. It burns 3.9 gallons of gasoline per hour. Visibility is good.


Subassemblies: Body +3, 4 wheels -1.

Powertrain: 110-kW improved wheeled drivetrain with 110-kW improved standard gasoline engine, 2,000-kWs lead acid battery.

Fuel: 11.9 gallons gasoline (Fire 11).

Occupancy: 1 NCS, 3 NPS

Cargo: 9.5 cf.


Armor F RL B T U

All: 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5



Body: Receive-only radio; sound system; airbags (NCS and NPS); 4-man environmental control.



Size: 12.8'x5.4'x4.8' Payload: 0.5 tons Lwt.: 1.31 tons

Volume: 247 cf. Maint.: 153 hours Price: $17,097


HT: 12. HPs: 183 Body, 18 each Wheel.


gSpeed: 110 gAccel: 6 gDecel: 15 gMR: 0.75 gSR: 4

Ground Pressure High. 1/6 Off-Road speed.


Design Notes:

Body is 247 cf; wheels are 24 cf. Structure is Light, Standard. It has improved brakes. Armor is cheap metal. Mechanical controls (rentals often have manual transmission only--there is a -3 unfamiliarity penalty if the driver has only driven automatics (p. VEL39)). Empty weight is 2,376 lbs. Design gSpeed was 102 mph. List price for a 2008 model is just under $20,000.



Several models are available with different amenities packages. They do not differ in game terms.


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