Yacht, 164-Foot (M/Y Mine Games)

The Mine Games is a 164' private yacht available for charter. It was launched in September of 2007. It has a crew of 10 and room for 10-12 passengers. A one-week charter costs $220,000.

The ship features five luxurious staterooms, including a master stateroom that features a 180-degree forward view from the king-size bed. If the ocean is too boring to look at, it also features a 42' plasma TV. His and her baths are ensuite, and have 32' plasma TVs. The VIP stateroom has a king size bed, ensuite bath, and TV. There are two more staterooms with queen size beds, and a third with twin beds, all with ensuite baths and TVs.

The main salon and dining area feature luxurious finishes in American cherry, formal dining for 10 guests, and a full entertainment system complete with Xbox, Playstation 3, satellite telephone, wireless internet, and central music system. The ceiling features a hand-painted mural.

The sun deck offers a BBQ, exercise equipment, and outdoor dining for 12 guests. Another plasma TV is available for "movies under the stars." An upper aft deck has similar amenities. The sky lounge has a ceiling mural and opens onto a covered aft deck.

For fun in the water, the Mine Games carries a 37' Intrepid with three 205-kW outboard motors, a 21' Novurania with diesel inboard, two 3-person Sea-Doos with 160-kW motors, and snorkeling equipment for all.

Mine Games burns 177 gallons of diesel fuel per hour of routine usage. A full load of fuel costs $19,320.


Subassemblies: Body +8 with Average lines.

Powertrain: Two 2,525-kW marine diesel engines with two 2,525-kW light screw propellers, 36,000-kWs lead acid batteries, two 125-kW diesel generators, and 125-kW bow thruster.

Fuel: 16,100 gallons diesel fuel (Fire 9).

Occupancy: 10 crew and 10-12 guests in standard and luxurious cabins, respectively.



All: 4/25



Body: Long range radio, non-targeting radar, sound system, cellular phone and internet service, movie screen/entertainment center, navigation instruments, GPS, searchlight, 21-man environmental control, 2,600-gallon fresh water tank, 300-gallon gray water tank, 300-gallon sewage tank, computer terminal, full fire suppression system, extra bridge access space, 21,000-lb. external cradle (pinnace), two 8,800-lb external cradles (lifeboats) 150-man/days provisions.



Size: 164'x28'x57' Payload: ? tons Lwt.: 330 tons

Volume: 41,580 cf. Maint.: 21 man/hours Price: $1,978,122


HT: 12. HPs: 21,603 Body


wSpeed: 26 wAccel: 2 wDecel: 1 (2) wMR: 0.1 wSR: 5

Draft: 7.5 feet. Flotation Rating: 1,081 tons.


Design Notes:

Body is 41,580 cf. Structure is Heavy, Standard, and Waterproofed with Average lines. Armor is expensive metal. Mechanical controls. Design loaded weight is 488,806 lbs. with lifeboats and one pinnace (the weights of the supplemental craft are estimated). This does not include weights (or costs) for many of the amenities found on board this vessel (exercise equipment, Sea-Doos, furniture, galley, etc.). Real-world weight was used for design performance. Design draft was 7 feet, and wSpeed 26 mph; the draft was increased to the real-world figures. Maintenance interval (4.5) was calculated from the design cost of (shown above) and then converted to man-hours as per p. W144. Price new is probably in the range of $20 million.


From the Aerodrome for GURPS

2008 by Jim Antonicic