S/Y Ocean Star 51.2 Sailing Yacht

This is a small sailing yacht with five cabins below deck. It has accommodations for up to 11 guests. Each cabin has is own head. Hatches, portholes, and air vents provide light and fresh air. A small galley is below deck with a seating/dining area. A canvas bimini can cover the pilot's stations to provide protection from inclement weather and ocean spray. The hull is made of fiberglass with a teak deck. It features a main sail with a Genoa sail, or a 66-kW marine diesel for propulsion.

When not under sail, the yacht burns 2.3 gallons of diesel fuel per hour of routine usage. A full load of fuel costs $145. Provisions for 1 week (for 11 crew/guests) cost $924. The yacht can be rented by the week for around $7,500.


Subassemblies: Body +5 with Mediocre lines, 57' Mast +1.

Powertrain: 66-kW marine diesel engine with 66-kW light screw propellers or 330 sf synthetic Sails, 4,000-kWs lead acid batteries.

Fuel: 121 gallons diesel fuel (Fire 9).

Occupancy: 2 XCS and see above.

Cargo: 6,000 lbs.



Body: 4/20

Mast: 3/15



Body: Long range radio, depth finding sonar, sound system, navigation instruments, wind instruments, GPS, 253-gallon fresh water tank, 100-gallon holding tank, compact fire suppression system, backup driver controls and autopilot.



Size: 52'x15'x69' Payload: 3 tons Lwt.: 17.27 tons

Volume: 1,862 cf. Maint.: 48 hours Price: $170,790


HT: 12. HPs: 2724 Body, 84 Mast.


wSpeed: 9 wAccel: 0.5 wDecel: 2 (2.25) wMR: 0.1 wSR: 6

Draft: 6.5 feet. Flotation Rating: 25.88 tons.


Design Notes:

Body is 1,863 cf., Mast is 18.5 cf. Structure is Heavy, Standard, and Waterproofed with Mediocre lines. Armor is standard composite (fiberglass), for the Body and expensive metal for the Mast. Mechanical controls. Design loaded weight is 28,325 lbs.; this was increased 18% to the actual value. Design draft was only 2.4 feet and was increased to the real-world figures. The ship's wSpeed is 9 mph under motor. With a "standard" light breeze (p. VE30), the ship makes 9 mph as well.



The Exclusive has a 4-cabin interior to offer fewer passengers more space.


From the Aerodrome for GURPS

2008 by Jim Antonicic