Sendai-class Light Cruiser

The last of the light cruisers built by the IJN in the 1920s, the Sendai-class featured three cruisers: the Sendai, the Naka, and the Jintsu. They were designed to be flagship cruisers of destroyer flotillas. They featured the Long Lance torpedoes after 1940, and all carried a single catapult-launched floatplane (typically a Nakajima E4N2 Type 90-2). The guns were not fitted in true turrets, but rather featured four-sided gun shrouds, leaving the rear aspect exposed. All operated from 1925 to 1944; ultimately all three ships were sunk by American forces. The ships had a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 14 knots. The ship carried a compliment of 453 officers and men, and could also include a flag officer with an additional staff of 27 officers and men.

It costs around $409,000 to maintain the Sendai in supplies, fuel, and ammunition.


Subassemblies: Light Cruiser chassis +10; waterproofed Huge Naval superstructure [Body:T] +6; seven waterproofed full-rotation Medium TD turrets 1-7 [Body:T] +3; two waterproofed full-rotation Large Weapon turrets 8-9 [Body:T] +2; 6 full-rotation Small Weapon open mounts 10-15 [Body:T] +0; seven waterproofed limited-rotation Medium TD open mounts 16-23 [Body:T] +3.

Powertrain: Twelve steam turbines with four screw propellers producing 67,140 kWs; 400,000-gallon standard fuel tanks; 300 ton coal bunker; 60,000-kWs batteries.

Occ: See above.

Cargo: 1,200 Body, 400 Sup.


Armor F RL B T U

Body: 4/205 4/205 4/205 4/164 4/205

Super: 4/164 4/164 4/164 4/164 --

TD Turs: 4/50 4/50 -- 4/50 --

LW Turs: 4/50 4/50 -- 4/50 --

SW OMs: 0/0 -- -- -- --

TD OMs: 0/0 -- -- -- --



7x140mm Short DP Guns [Turs 1-7:F] (1,680 rounds).

2x76.2mm Medium DP Guns [Turs 8-9:F] (460 rounds).

6x25mm Long Ground AC [OMs 10-15:F] (2,000 API rounds each).

8x610mm Torpedo Tubes [OMs 16-23:T] (16 torpedoes).

80x300-lb. Mines [Body:T facing B].



Body: 60 bilge pumps; four 2-ton torpedo cranes; 12 tons of hardpoints (for mines); 32 fire extinguishers; 1,200 cargo; very large radio transmitter and receiver; large radio direction finder; 430 bunks; 27 cabins; 20 environmental controls; 22,500 man-day provisions; hall; six hospital beds; surgery; six workshops; launch catapult, external cradle (for floatplane). Superstructure: Autopilot; navigation instruments; sea-search non-targeting 5-mile radar; air-search non-targeting 8-mile radar; 400 cargo.



Size: 532'x47'x90' Payload: 882 tons Lwt.: 7,609 tons

Volume: 58,266 MH: 22 man/hours Cost: $2.1 million

HT: 8. HPs: 240,000 Body, 4,200 Superstructure, 360 each TD Turret, 120 each LW Turret, 45 each SW OM.

wSpeed: 40 wAccel: 1.3 wDecel: 0.1 (0.8) wMR: 0.02 wSR: 5

Draft 16'. Flotation Rating 10,080 tons.


Design Notes:

Design wSpeed was 38 mph; design draft was 21.5 feet. Historical values are listed above.


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2008 by Jim Antonicic